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A sonic response to Larry Cressman’s “Fieldwork” by Zac Bru / MUSIC PERFORMANCE

  • K. OSS Contemporary Art 1410 Gratiot Avenue Detroit, MI 48207 USA (map)

K.OSS Contemporary Art + Detroit Bureau of Sound are pleased to present a sonic response to Larry Cressman's "Fieldwork" by Zac Bru, a head of Detroit Bureau of Sound + artist talk with Larry Cressman and Zac Bru before the performance.

A most honest communion of sight and sound, linking orderly lines of raspberry twigs to repetitious knockings on wood and drums.

This one-night-only sonic response uses the eyes and ears to observe the individuality and sameness that permeates nature.

A sonic response is a mode of performance specific to Zac’s ‘synaesthesia’, which is a kind of miswiring in the brain where an aspect of one sense triggers another, perhaps a correlation of pitch with color, or musical tone with physical texture. The eyes see patterns of small twigs appearing in separate forms connected by blank space -- the ears translate these visual elements into a network of sharp wooden sounds, low rumbling drums, and the heavenly clanging of windchimes. 
13 woodblocks, 3 low drums, 2 hanging windchimes, loops, delay + reverb, amplification

We hope you will join us for this special evening on Thursday November 29th from 7-9PM